Saturday, April 2, 2011

of things remembered, now once forgotten

I have to admit it, I'm terrible at remembering things...I'll be introduced to someone, see them at least once a week, and still not be able to recall their names months later...the same is true with many other things in my life, including this little blog...I completely forgot I had one up and running...and then I stumbled across it when looking through some things on FB...oh dear. Not that it matters, I suppose, it's not like I have an avid fan base. :) well, it's been well over a month since I last wrote, not much has happened, I gave up caffeinated beverages for Lent (not the brightest plan, since I use it to treat my ADD....don't like the dexidrine all that much..) which has given birth to rather lustful thoughts about coffee and coke over the past couple of weeks...oh dear. I've been painting up a storm..and have started on two rather nice paintings, one being completely abstract, and the other sort of abstract, but based off a photograph I took in Peru. They seem to be coming along quite nicely, if I may say so myself. The abstract one is really's a solidly built panel, with solid wood backing and measuring in at 4x4 aprox. It's a beast, I swear.I'm actually not procrastinating all that much today, which is a rarity I must say..just this. and FB..but really, I've already cleaned up my work, added another layer of glaze work, sanded and gessoed another canvass all in the span of an hour. Be proud of me, my non existent audience! In any event. I should probably head back to my tiny little studio space and figure out where to go next.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

regrettably so.

well....yesterday my procrastination was off to a roaring start. I went to my studio with every intention of painting my studies, but then I walked by a notice board. "PRINT MAKING!" in the atrium, it read, just two floors beneath me. I've never done print making, and so thought, well...this would be a valuable artistic learning experience, unlike doing homework. so off I went. I made a lovely little print of a mermaid, even spelt mermaid backwards so it printed forwards, except I managed to get my a's and d's wrong so the printed backwards. well that took me to 11:30, so I went and got some lunch and then sat in my studio and played solitare for another hour. but then guilt got the best of me, so I actually did some work. I know...shock and awe all around. I got one study done, managed to get another started...I think I did not too badly. Now to just figure out how to pay for my canvas and gesso and we're good to go.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

 since I've been writing about avoiding my paintings...I thought maybe I should post some pictures of the finished here they are...after much procrastination.

Monday, January 31, 2011

it's procRastination...with an r....

so I came back to this lovely little blog today only to realise that my education has failed me yet again....I failed to add that much need 'r' in procrastination...ah me.
So my efforts in procrastination hit an all time high on Saturday,which, as will become evident in the near future, is 'studio day'  for me. I had grand plans of starting painting at, like, 9 am and going straight through until 5 pm with only half an hour for lunch. I had envisioned all 9 paintings lined up neat, tidy, and finished on the table in my studio class room, a sense of accomplishment hanging in the air....however... the ADD in me decided this was not to be. no....I got there at 10:30 am.....a whole hour and a half later than I had wanted...and then at 11:30 decided I had had enough of paint thinner fumes and went off on a adventure through the snow-covered hills surrounding my school. So I bundled up in my little yellow hat and brown plaid coat and off I went. I got to the top of the hill, breathed in the cold air, and was thinking that I should head back inside and then my hyperactive little brain went..."JESSE!!!!! Jesse needs to be made to go outside....he needs exercise...the doctor said so....Jesse is going on an adventure with me!" it seemed so rational at the off I went running down the snow covered hill to the walkway leading the residence apartments. I had pictured this movement to be a graceful decent, reminiscent to horses galloping through snow....however it was closer to a penguin learning how to walk for the first time; I spent most of my downhill descent on my jean-clad ass. I got up laughing hysterically and continued on my merry little way. I got to the rez, and went to go enter the building when I noticed that it was locked to outsiders and that in order to gain access one had to buzz a resident of the building. So I found Jesse's name on the list and hit the button next to his name...repeatedly. Since there was no answer, I assumed he was either off pulling a 'Jasmine' (which is to say, 6 classes, 3 jobs, and not saying no to any additional requests..) or else just passed out from lack of sleep. I was about to leave, when a very confused looking Jesse opened the building door and stood there looking at me in a very sleepy state of being in his Archie pajama pants. Since this is not a normal occurrence for me, ( I'm generally a very introverted person, and don't generally do things on a whim) Jesse was convinced that I was either very sick, or else had breathed in a touch too much paint thinner and fumes. Silly boy. So after a quick, but serious talk, I convinced him to bundle up into his snow gear and off we went into the wilds of our campus. (and by wilds I mean carefully landscaped park settings.) we went and looked at a sculpture that sat on the crest of a hill, we hiked back to the pond, and then boldly and stupidly ventured across the semi frozen lake. Long story short, 2 hours later we were back at his apartment drinking coffee and playing last card. 3 hours later I was back at my studio....3 pm with less then 2 hours to go. so at 4:45 I was packed up and rushing up the stairs to catch my bus. All I had accomplished was 2 finished paintings, 5 halfway finished paintings, and 2 with just the washes on. Well, since they're due Wednesday, I know what I'm doing tomorrow.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting Homework

I'm currently enrolled in a second year painting course. They told me to expect up to 12 hours a week of homework for this class. Which is great, except for small hitch. I have ADD...which makes waiting for the oil paint I have to work with to dry a small amount of torture. And so, instead of being a good little art student and withstanding this small torture, I open up my laptop and do....this. whatever this is....On occasion I glance over at my little art supply locker and think of all the magical things waiting to happen with the contents of that locker...and then my brain goes "well you could be responsible or you could.....DANCE LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!" guess which one wins on a regular basis? yep. the 'dancing like a rockstar' routine. sigh. I should maybe consider the idea of not procrastinating on this lovely website and actually get some work done. maybe.