Sunday, February 6, 2011

regrettably so.

well....yesterday my procrastination was off to a roaring start. I went to my studio with every intention of painting my studies, but then I walked by a notice board. "PRINT MAKING!" in the atrium, it read, just two floors beneath me. I've never done print making, and so thought, well...this would be a valuable artistic learning experience, unlike doing homework. so off I went. I made a lovely little print of a mermaid, even spelt mermaid backwards so it printed forwards, except I managed to get my a's and d's wrong so the printed backwards. well that took me to 11:30, so I went and got some lunch and then sat in my studio and played solitare for another hour. but then guilt got the best of me, so I actually did some work. I know...shock and awe all around. I got one study done, managed to get another started...I think I did not too badly. Now to just figure out how to pay for my canvas and gesso and we're good to go.

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