Saturday, April 2, 2011

of things remembered, now once forgotten

I have to admit it, I'm terrible at remembering things...I'll be introduced to someone, see them at least once a week, and still not be able to recall their names months later...the same is true with many other things in my life, including this little blog...I completely forgot I had one up and running...and then I stumbled across it when looking through some things on FB...oh dear. Not that it matters, I suppose, it's not like I have an avid fan base. :) well, it's been well over a month since I last wrote, not much has happened, I gave up caffeinated beverages for Lent (not the brightest plan, since I use it to treat my ADD....don't like the dexidrine all that much..) which has given birth to rather lustful thoughts about coffee and coke over the past couple of weeks...oh dear. I've been painting up a storm..and have started on two rather nice paintings, one being completely abstract, and the other sort of abstract, but based off a photograph I took in Peru. They seem to be coming along quite nicely, if I may say so myself. The abstract one is really's a solidly built panel, with solid wood backing and measuring in at 4x4 aprox. It's a beast, I swear.I'm actually not procrastinating all that much today, which is a rarity I must say..just this. and FB..but really, I've already cleaned up my work, added another layer of glaze work, sanded and gessoed another canvass all in the span of an hour. Be proud of me, my non existent audience! In any event. I should probably head back to my tiny little studio space and figure out where to go next.

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