Sunday, January 23, 2011

Painting Homework

I'm currently enrolled in a second year painting course. They told me to expect up to 12 hours a week of homework for this class. Which is great, except for small hitch. I have ADD...which makes waiting for the oil paint I have to work with to dry a small amount of torture. And so, instead of being a good little art student and withstanding this small torture, I open up my laptop and do....this. whatever this is....On occasion I glance over at my little art supply locker and think of all the magical things waiting to happen with the contents of that locker...and then my brain goes "well you could be responsible or you could.....DANCE LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!!" guess which one wins on a regular basis? yep. the 'dancing like a rockstar' routine. sigh. I should maybe consider the idea of not procrastinating on this lovely website and actually get some work done. maybe.

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